Announcing the Icosahedron Awards

So the awesome team over at Little Wars TV recently announced a historical war gaming awards show to help drive attention to awesome historical wargaming content creators. We loved the idea and since they totally stole it from the Oscars' we felt it was totally fair that we stole it from them and announced the Icosahedron Awards to help drive attention to the awesome content creators in the tabletop gaming space.

Nominations are now open please drop a nomination for all your favorite content creators. Don't hesitate to nominate yourself.

The process:

The process:
- Content creators can be nominated by anyone in one of five categories on the form here. Yes you can totally nominate yourself.
- In February of 2021 we will be reviewing all nominations and with our crack team of judges settling on no more than five nominees per category. We will give a lot weight to the number of nominations received but reserve the right to use judgement. In particular we will be stacking the deck for lesser known content creators as a big part of this is to drive attention to people/groups that deserve it.
- The nominees will be announced and voting opened to the public.
- Sunday April 25th 2021 we will announce the winners based strictly on the number of votes received.
- All announced nominees will receive a small prize and winners will receive a significantly larger prize.

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