Publishing this one a few days early. You may not have heard but a major Typhoon recently struck southern China. This typhoon has done significant damage including some damage to the various manufactures that make the dice for our dice subscription. We're happy to report that the various companies we work with have reported no serious injuries but there will be delays in their next shipment to us. We expected to receive our next dice order Oct 1st but we now expect to receive it around Oct 15th - 25th. In a bit of luck we happen to have  received our largest dice order ever just recently so we should have no inventory concerns in the immediate future. Things will no doubt be getting pretty thin by Oct 25th but we expect to be able to continue shipments without interruption.

The one place where we are going to be impacted is our planned dice kickstarters. Since we are trying out new designs these dice take more effort to manufacture and will likely be delayed for a while. That said we got the first photo of a sample of our color changing dice. These are dice manufactured with color changing pigment embedded in the plastic and we expect to receive them with our mid Oct shipment. We hope to use this effect in a number of designs next year but before we proceed we need to test the effect and confirm how it works and that the pigment doesn't negatively effect the dice.


We are also looking at working with a new manufacturer who has provided some really impressive sample photos. We haven't actually seen these dice in person yet but based on the photos we're really excited to get a sample. Based on our current shipping rate these would likely show up in the subscription late this year or early next if we choose to go ahead with them.




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