We recently posted on Twitter about our willingness to sponsor D&D podcasts, Youtube channels and the like. We've gotten a great response so far but I wanted to put up a posting explaining how it can work in case others are interested in working with us in the future.

Essentially we offer a couple of different subscription products and we fill a number of assorted gaming book orders and the like each month. Since we are already sending out content to folks who are really interested in gaming topics we figured we could let other groups include their marketing material along with each shipment. All you need to do is send us a few hundred copies of your marketing material and we'll start sending it out to our customers. If you don't have anything to send others have used services like Vistaprint.ca or Stickercanada.com to have the items created and had them shipped directly to us. When we receive them we'll start sending them out with every order we fill.*


In return we ask that you mention us on your channel as long as we are shipping out your content and list us as a sponsor. This arrangement is super low cost for both of us, we spend a few extra seconds filling orders and you spend about $0.05 cents per mailing. Since marketing is such a large cost for startup businesses we think that this can be a win-win situation for both of us. If you can make your marketing material a cool sticker or something that our subscribers will like all the better.

As an added support any podcast we're working with will be able to run giveaways with any product of your choice at cost. We'll provide you with a code so all you need to do is run the giveaway and pass the discount code onto the winner.

As another angle if you are planning a kickstarter for an item that you feel our subscribers might like feel free to send us samples and we'd be happy to ship them out along with some marketing material for you. The items need to be small and light in order to fit in our mailing envelopes (20mmx50mmx50mm and less than 30 grams) so if you're in doubt please reach out and ask. A few examples of what has worked in the past:

  • A couple of dice kickstarters have asked us to send a single sample dice out with each subscription.
  • Tactical Tokens made us some sample tokens with our logo that we are currently shipping.
  • The Deck of Many Spells sent us some samples that we hope to start shipping next week.

Again we feel this is win-win. Our subscribers get a free sample of a cool product and you get a sample of your product in the hands of people who very likely might want to buy more. And of course if you are planning a kickstarter the sooner we get the product the more impact we can have on your success because we'll be able to get more of the product out and build buzz so if at all possible get the samples to us at least a month before you launch. All we ask in echange is that you say nice things about us when we launch our next kickstarter and maybe retweet a tweet or two.

As always if you have any questions reach out GM@LibrisArcana.ca. We are also super flexible if you want to work together in a different way.






*We reserve the right to reject anything for any reason. Aim for respectful and PG and you'll be fine.


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