If you don't know a travelling dice box is a way for people to trade dice. Essentially someone starts the box by adding a couple dozen sets of dice. They mail the box to the first person who takes a set or two and adds a few in trade. They then pass the box on to the next person.

We started our first travelling dice box a few months ago. So after getting lost for a little while in Alberta our dice box is finally on it's way to the folks on the east coast. We've made a last minute change of plans and instead of having the dice returned to us we've decided to send them on to the Forging Hero's Society in Edmonton. The Forging Hero's Society provides RPG supplies to kids in school programs and is the charity supported by our 'Dice for Kids' program.

Our thinking is that going forward we will load up the box of dice for the Forging Hero's Society and rather then send it direct we will route it as a travelling dice box through whomever has signed up (in Canada). The idea is people will trade in dice sets and be a bit extra generous because at the end of the line the dice will end up in the hands of kids. 

If you'd like to be involved in a future Traveling Dice Box sign up here.


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