If you pay close attention to the webpage like we're supposed to you'll have noticed we recently launched a pre-release section. This is basically a knockoff of kickstarter for our own products. The reason we went this route is simply that the fees are vastly cheaper then kickstarter and since we will always keep our kickstarters very small so we can actually deliver on them the added benefit of kickstarters massive traffic isn't really a benefit for us.


We will be using this section of the site to launch new dice designs and new product ideas over the coming months. Our hope is that every product funds (you'll notice the targets are very achievable) but if it doesn't you'll get a refund of your pledge. All custom dice we create will also ship to all monthly dice subscribers as well so no need to double pay if you're already a subscriber. We will do our best to send custom sets to the quarterly subscribers as well but we can't guarantee it.


As always reach out to GM@LibrisArcana.ca if you have any questions.




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