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"Soul Stone is incredibly difficult to obtain but when placed in the hand of the accused its worth is immediately apparent" - The magistrate Xavier


These dice are embedded with thermochromic pigment which causes them to change color when exposed to heat. Unlike other color changing dice the pigment is in the plastic not just painted on so it won't wear off and the dice are made by a major manufacturer so they are well balanced and completely playable. These dice are our second Kickstarter and if we are successful will be included in our dice subscription starting Feb 15th of 2019. If you are a dice subscriber or you support the kickstarter you will receive a set. You can also win a set by entering our draw on Twitter or Facebook. 

Note we have no plans to sell individual sets of these dice. If we have a few left over we will make them available but we only plan to manufacture enough to meet the needs of the kickstarter and our current subscriber base.