Basic Monthly RPG Dice Subscription
Basic Monthly RPG Dice Subscription

Basic Monthly RPG Dice Subscription

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The basic monthly dice subscription is just like our premium monthly dice subscription except instead of an exclusive (not available anywhere else) resin seven dice set you will receive one of our best selling off the shelf dice sets and one randomly selected bonus dice. Think of this subscription as the LibrisArcana greatest hits album. As always you can cancel or pause at anytime.

We are currently shipping Sakura Matcha a really cool pastel layer set. On occasion we will run out of basic dice before the end of the month. When that happens we will replace your basic set with a premium set.

The additional random dice are chosen from our "big bucket o' random dice". These are either samples sent to us by different manufacturers or parts of sets that have been split apart for whatever reason. You might get some unique shape or style of dice or something really different like a die in a foreign language. We also toss in various bonus items that we come across - typically kickstarter products that the makers want to promote.

Note we ship the monthly dice all month there is no cutoff date - if you order in month X you get the dice we're shipping in month X.  

If you have any questions, please drop us an email at