Rubber Bouncy Dice - Libris Arcana Handmade

Rubber Bouncy Dice - Libris Arcana Handmade

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Note these are a handmade set so some small imperfections are possible.

We use our workshop (aka Brad's Garage) to test out new designs and ideas. Most of them fail spectacularly but these turned out pretty awesome. They are a standard dice set made out of silicon rubber rather than resin so they bounce.

You might be asking won't they just bounce off the table causing me to spend twenty minutes looking for them. Yes they will but they will be fun and different when they do it.

You can check out a video of their bouncy goodness

We are looking at mass producing these but for now they are available as handmade only. If you'd like to get a full set of our handmade dice each month (at a discount) check out our handmade dice subscription.