Sell on LibrisArcana

If you'd like to sell on LibrisArcana we have a fully functional marketplace that will allow you to put your products infront of our growing audience of gaming fans.

To get started:

1. Sign up as a vendor

2. Once approved you can list your products. Note prices are in USD and products must offer free shipping worldwide so price accordingly. We are generally targeting digital products but we are open to any products.

3. Once listed we will review and approve your products. 

4. When a product sells you will receive a notice to ship. For digital products reach out to us at and we will setup automatic fulfillment so you don't need to do anything when your product sells.

5. 60 days after your product sells you will receive payment via PayPal. Our commission is 25% for products that are available elsewhere and 10% for products that you make available exclusively on LibrisArcana. Let us know via if you are making a product exclusively available so we classify it correctly. We will only pay when you've earned a minimum of $100 USD (this is because we have to pay transaction fees to PayPal and we need to keep costs reasonable)

6. You can update or edit your listings at anytime but changes will need to be reviewed and approved before they appear on the site.

We reserve the right to remove vendors for any reason. Copyright violations and poor customer service are not tolerated.


If you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out