Liquid Core d20 - Libris Arcana Handmade

Liquid Core d20 - Libris Arcana Handmade

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One of the major reasons we moved into making handmade dice was to be able to add cool stuff inside the d20. After we made the Skulld20 work our next task was to get the liquid core d20. These d20s have a swirling mass of glitter inside this has the effect of making them appear to be in constant motion.

Photos don't do these justice so please check out the video on our Twitter.

These are sharp edged, handmade dice with an inclusion so small imperfections are possible and the balance is not 100% perfect like any dice with an inclusion. 

Obviously as a handmade product supplies are super limited. If you'd like to get a full set of our handmade dice each month (at a discount) check out our handmade dice subscription.

Note B grade dice dice may have minor imperfections.