New Classic Leather Gaming Book Cover

New Classic Leather Gaming Book Cover

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We ran a very successful kickstarter for these when we started the site and we've since sold out. We'd like to get some new colors made.This version will be identical to the light brown version we made previously as shown in the photo above.


Turn your D&D books into awesome leather spell books.

This is a PU Leather slip cover designed to fit all standard hardcover gaming books.  It will provide solid protection from the inevitable bumps and scratches that occur while travelling to games and give at least some chance of surviving a dropped soda. It also looks awesome!

The cover will fit any D&D hardcover of any edition and most other gaming books that are the same size. Really thick books like the Pathfinder Core Rule Book will be quite snug but people have used the cover for that book.  The exact dimensions are 21.6 x 2.1 x 28.4 cm (a little larger or smaller will work).

If you have any questions about the book cover drop us an email at 


A video tutorial showing how to install the cover with a review