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About Us


Man with D20 over his right eye

We are the Wandrey's, a family of nerds with a love for tabletop RPG and a passion to provide you with the best service on the internet for DND dice sets and RPG accessories. 

John and his team started this company in Vancouver, BC a few years back.  They began selling classic Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder books and eventually branched into selling RPG dice sets and other DND accessories.If you want John's full story you can find it in this blog post. 

Full disclosure: John was actually 3 kobolds in a trenchcoat (sorry I don't have pics) who eventually tired of trying to pass in polite human society, so he sold the company to Dan.

Man holding D20 out in front of him

Dan is the head nerd and family GM for the Wandrey's, and is now GM@librisarcana.

Dan grew up in Texas at the height of the "Satanic Panic" surrounding Dungeons & Dragons. As such he never played much growing up but was always fascinated with this weird & mysterious game. (Did anyone else love that short-lived cartoon?!!)

Once Dan grew up, he knew he had to try it even if he grew horns or tried to jump off a building like Tom Hanks in that weird movie. He ran with some fellow nerds in college and played a bit. Then once adulthood and work and responsibilites set in, he left the DND rulebooks and RPG dice to gather dust for a decade or more.

But over the past couple of years, the Wandrey family has fully embraced their nerdy roots. Dan got involved in a neighborhood DND campaign and then dragged the rest of the family into the fun. We first introduced our kids to RPGs with a game called "No Thank You, Evil!" It's fantastic and simple enough for very young children. But quickly, they wanted more. So now we have a family campaign of DND as well.

We're honestly just looking for an excuse to immerse ourselves in the world of DND and tabletop RPGs that we love so much. We are so excited about this shop and the opportunity to serve the RPG community. We hope you'll come along for the ride!