Are your prices in US dollars?


Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do. Most items have free shipping worldwide. We accomplish this by using fulfillment centers in various locations around the globe.

How soon will I get my shipment?

It depends where you live and where your products are coming from but less than 45 days and often quite a bit less.

How can I be sure of your service levels?

We started selling on eBay and Amazon. You can read our verified reviews there where we maintain very positive feedback scores on both platforms.


I've heard you are just three Kobolts in a trenchcoat, is this true?

Absolutely not true. This is a lie started by our competition in an effort to make us seem cooler then we actually are.

Do you have a physical store?

No. This is an online only operation as we have day jobs and we have no desire to move to a physical location. If you are buying a large number of books we can arrange an in-person pickup in Vancouver if you want.

What is a LibrisArcana?

Roughly translated it means 'book of mystery' or 'book of wonders' in Latin. John thought it was clever when we started the site selling books but it turns out John is just bad at naming things.  

I have a big collection (50 books, 500 books, a book store full of books) can you buy all of them?

Yes we can and we'd would be happy to make you an offer. We will give you a quote on the whole collection and a small selection of the books. We will pay for shipping and send you your funds upon receiving the shipment. Send us an email at gm@librisarcana.com with a list of what you are trying to sell or even a few photos and we will go from there.

I'm looking for a (insert really rare thing here) can you help me find it?

Maybe but there are a few things that are really difficult to find. Send us a email at gm@librisarcana.com and let us know what you are looking for. As a general rule if you can't find any sold items on Ebay be prepared for a challenge finding the item.

I have some non book related collectibles I'd like to sell are you interested?

Absolutely let us know. Shipping can be difficult on some of these items but we do know a number of people nationwide who might be interested so we might even be able to introduce you to someone locally.