• December Customer Update

    The weather outside is frightful but RetroVice is so delightful. 

  • Salt Water Balance Testing Dice

    If you've been playing D&D for a while you've probably come across a couple of dice that always seem to roll better or worse than others. In so...
  • How do I get truly random dice?

    First up the simple answer is you won't. Polyhedral dice are a complex shape made in factory conditions and will never be truly random. Further eve...
  • Policy on Kickstarters and Pre-Orders

    So there has been some recent issues in the Kickstarter/pre-order space that has caused us to adjust our policies going forward. The first issue wa...
  • What to get a Gamer for Christmas?

    As world renowned experts on all things geeky and gaming related we decided to pull together a couple quick suggestions if you're looking to buy a ...
  • November Customer Update

    Those that have followed us for a while will know we've been working to make the dice subscription more predictable and get to a point where each d...
  • The challenges of getting too big too fast

    Having been building a small business for the last couple of years including running multiple successful kickstarters and having seen a number of p...
  • We can now charge in 9 different currencies

    We're very happy to announce we can now charge in your local currency as long as you live in a country that uses one of the following currencies (USDCNDAUDDKKEuroNZDJPYGBPSGD). The only item that must be billed in USD is our dice subscription.
  • Canadian Dollar Subscription Closing to new Subscribers November 15th

    We're growing a ton and we need to make some changes to handle that growth.
  • Libris Arcana - Exclusive Dice Sets

    We often get emails asking for details on the exclusive sets we've produced. This blog post will be updated periodically to give people a place with all the details.
  • Super Scary Halloween Update

    Halloween themed dice are awesome!!!111!
  • Welcome to the site

    So it seems that a combination of factors has led to a sudden spike in traffic to the site. If this is your first time here welcome.