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D&D Dice Subscriptions

Do I really need a dice subscription?

Do you like playing tabletop RPGs? Do you like unique, limited-edition resin dice sets? Do you like to have dice options when you're playing? Do you just love shiny math rocks? If the answer to any of these questions is yes. Then YES!

Honestly, not every DND player needs a dice subscription. Some of us are just more serious (obsessed) about our dice collection than others! Join our community of math-rock-obsessed players today!

How does a Dice Subscription work?

A dice subscription works the same as any other subscription. You sign up for a monthly (or quarterly, i.e.--every 3 months) fee, and we regularly ship you brand new, limited-edition dice sets. This gets you early access to our exclusive resin dice designs at a substantial discount from the regular retail price. There's no commitment, and it's simple to pause or cancel online anytime.

How do I manage my dice subscription?

We want your dice business because you want to be here. We want you to love getting DND dice delivered from us every month and stick with us because our products and service delight you. We personally cannot stand it when a company makes it hard to opt out of any service. It’s unethical, and it’s bad business.

Once subscribed, your DND Dice Subscription is easy to manage. Login to your account here to change your billing date, pause or change your dice subscription, or even (gasp) cancel! All without a phone call, email, paperwork, or lawyers! (Although you’re always welcome to call or email us too!)

Why buy DND dice from Libris Arcana?

Unique, Limited-Edition Designs! We work with our supplier to create one-of-a-kind dice sets that you won’t find anywhere else but here. And because we need to keep our subscription supplied, you’ll see a new set every month! Browse our Resin Dice and find something that will stand out at your table.

Fast and FREE Shipping! For individual orders, we try to get them out the door within a day or two. Subscriptions ship en masse at the end of every month. Shipping is always FREE for US orders and for All Subscriptions.

Fantastic Service! We stand by all of our products and our business is built on repeat customers. That means we want you to be happy, no delighted, to give us your business. If there’s anything wrong with your order, please let us know! But you don’t have to take our word for it either. We have a load of 5 star reviews from happy customers. You can see these on our homepage or read what our customers think of us here!


What if I don’t want a dice subscription?

That’s ok too! Like we said above, a DND Dice Subscription is not for everyone. We have plenty of other online dice and RPG accessories for single purchase. Have a look around at our 7-piece Resin Dice Sets, our Sharp-Edged Dice Sets, and our Metal Dice Sets! And if you spend any time playing Dungeons and Dragons you surely have some rule books and game modules on your shelf. If you want to protect them and fancy them up at the same time, check out our Leather DND Book Covers! Don’t forget that all US Orders Ship Free!