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Subscription Details

To provide a seamless experience for our subscription customers, we partner with Recharge, the internet's most trusted subscription service for e-commerce shops. Managing your subscription is simple.

You can access your customer portal through your Libris Arcana account LOGIN. If you have not registered an account, you will need to create an account using the same email address used at checkout.

Once your account is registered, you can log in and access your customer portal by clicking on the Manage Subscriptions link.

You can also access your Subscription account using a direct link to the customer portal. This link is normally sent in the Subscription Confirmation email when you begin a subscription and the Upcoming Order email

In the customer portal, you can change your subscription plan, your charge date, or your shipping and billing information. You can even pause or cancel anytime.

If you have any concerns about privacy, please review our policy here.

We are working on streamlining fulfillment, but for now Dice Day is at the end of every month. That's when we process and ship all orders.

We manufacture each RPG dice set to match the quality you expect and deserve. As with everything we sell, these RPG dice sets are limited edition runs exclusive to Libris Arcana. And as with everything we sell, we stand by our dice sets. If you're not satisfied, 100% money back guaranteed.