RPG Dice Addict Subscription

RPG Dice Addict Subscription

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Ok you have a problem but rather than advise you to seek help we're just going to give you a lot of dice. 

This subscription contains:

2 sets of the dice currently shipping in our monthly subscription including limited edition exclusives

2 sets of both the other sets currently shipping in our quarterly subscription (4 sets in total)

1 random dice set. 

and 7 individual randoms from the big box of random dice.

That is a total of 7 sets of dice and 7 random individual dice every month or 7x the dice of our basic monthly subscription that normal people buy.


You can choose your own delivery timing, once a month once every three month ect. If you select a frequency faster then once every three months you will receive duplicates. Actually this subscription was designed more for small game stores then individuals but we're happy to sign up anyone.

Free shipping worldwide.