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RPG Dice Addict Subscription

$49.99 USD

Ok you have a problem. I mean, there are dice goblins and then there are dice goblins. Who are we to judge? You like DND, and you're obsessed with pretty polyhedral dice. Rather than advise you to seek help, we're just going to give you a lot of RPG dice. 

This subscription contains:

  • 2 sets of the resin RPG dice set currently shipping in our monthly subscription.
  • 2 sets of each the other 2 RPG dice sets currently shipping in our quarterly subscription 
  • 1 random dice set. 
  • and 7 individual randoms from the big box of random dice.

That is a total of 7 sets of dice (with duplicates) and 7 random individual dice every month or 7X the dice of our Monthly RPG Dice Subscription that an average, run of the mill dice goblin would buy.

 You can choose your own delivery timing, once a month, once every three months, etc. Be aware you will be receving duplicate sets with this subscription. We just don't produce that many different sets of dice! This subscription was originally designed for small game stores, but we're happy to sign up anyone.


Our Promise

We manufacture each RPG dice set to match the quality you expect and deserve. As with everything we sell, these RPG dice sets are limited edition runs exclusive to Libris Arcana. And as with everything we sell, we stand by our dice sets. If you're not satisfied, 100% money back guaranteed.