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Premium Monthly RPG Dice Subscription

Premium Monthly RPG Dice Subscription

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The premium monthly dice subscription is essentially the LibrisArcana dice of the month club and is our most popular product. Every month you'll receive an exclusive (not available anywhere else) high clarity resin seven dice set and one randomly selected bonus dice to add to your ever growing dice collection plus whatever random swag we have on hand. All the exclusive dice sets we create are first sent to every monthly dice subscriber before they are made available to the general public on our site*. If you love dice and want to collect all the exclusive sets, this is by far the most economical way to do it. You can cancel the subscription anytime with no obligation. 

In Oct 2020 we are shipping 'Autumn Sky' these are the 10th exclusive set of dice. Autumn sky are a deep blue and white sky effect with a hint of shine.

The additional random dice are chosen from our "big bucket o' random dice". These are either samples sent to us by different manufacturers or parts of sets that have been split apart for whatever reason. You might get some unique shape or style of dice or something really different like a die in a foreign language. We also toss in various bonus items that we come across - typically kickstarter products that the makers want to promote.

Note we ship the monthly dice all month there is no cutoff date - if you order in month X you get the dice we're shipping in month X. 

If you are looking to save a little money the premium quarterly subscription or the basic monthly subscription are great value. The premium quarterly subscription contains at least one exclusive set (and maybe as many as three) and the basic monthly contains off the shelf dice.

*Our exclusive sets are currently limited to 1,000 sets. If we reach 1,000 subscribers at anytime we will close the subscription to new signups and only ship the exclusive dice to subscribers. If you'd like to see our past exclusive sets we keep a listing of all of them on our blog.


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