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Premium Monthly RPG Dice Subscription

$15.50 USD

The Dice Subscription is the best dice of the month club. We offer:

  • High quality Resin dice-  unlike others that ship cheap acrylic off the shelf dice we ship high clarity resin dice every single month. 
  • Free shipping worldwide - Others post a super low monthly cost only to add two or even three times as much in shipping. We have no added fees on checkout. 
  • USPS tracking on all orders inside the US.
  • Bonuses every month - We add in extra dice, stickers, kickstarter samples and whatever else we can every single month.
  • Excellent Customer Service - We take customer service very seriously and in the event something goes wrong we will do what it takes to make it right
  • You can cancel or pause anytime without penalty. New sets are announced on the first of the month so if there is a set you don't want just skip it.

In June 20202 we are shipping 'Aqua Fuego' a beautiful swirl with blue, green, and deep red and a distinctive font.  

In May 20202 we are shipping 'Rainbow Sherbet' a fusion of pink and green techno colors. 

In April 2022 we shipped 'Bloodstone' a dark grey dice splattered with red which has a golden numbering.

In March 2022 we shipped 'Tombstone' a silver-grey and white set with deep purple numbering.

In Feb 2022 we shipped 'Arcane' a ghostly white set with a really unique font pattern. 

All our subscriptions renew on the anniversary of the day you signed up and ship at the end of the month. If you have any questions, please drop us an email at


Our Promise

We manufacture each RPG dice set to match the quality you expect and deserve. As with everything we sell, these RPG dice sets are limited edition runs exclusive to Libris Arcana. And as with everything we sell, we stand by our dice sets. If you're not satisfied, 100% money back guaranteed.