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Premium Quarterly RPG Dice Subscription

$26.50 USD

Every three months you will receive three complete seven dice sets. The three sets will include the exclusive (not available anywhere else) set we are shipping in this month's premium monthly subscription and the previous two months premium dice while supplies last. If we run out of previously month sets we will replace them with other sets we select.

Your order will be shipped within a few days of us receiving it and every three months afterward. We rotate through dice themes very frequently so you will never receive the same design twice. You can cancel the subscription anytime with no obligation. You can also stop or restart your subscription as needed to get only the dice you want.

If you'd like more control over which dice you receive the premium monthly subscription allows you to choose every month wither or not you want to receive that months set.

Our quarterly subscription ships at the end of the month every month. If you have any questions, please drop us an email at 

Our Promise

We manufacture each RPG dice set to match the quality you expect and deserve. As with everything we sell, these RPG dice sets are limited edition runs exclusive to Libris Arcana. And as with everything we sell, we stand by our dice sets. If you're not satisfied, 100% money back guaranteed.