It’s just like that cheesy family movie We Bought a Zoo but with less animals and no Matt Damon.

My name is Dan, your new GM and the proud new owner of Libris Arcana, the internet’s absolute best provider of quality, unique, limited-edition RPG dice sets and DND dice subscriptions.

This is a family business. My family and I live in the Dallas, TX area, and we are a family of true nerds. We love all things fantasy including DND and tabletop RPGs. We already had an extensive collection of books, miniatures, and of course, math rocks (polyhedral dice).

We thought why not?

Let’s buy a dice company!

So Libris Arcana is putting on a cowboy hat and taking off whatever kind of hat it is that Canadians wear.

A D20 DND dice wearing a cowboy hat in front of a cardboard box because Libris Arcana moved to Texas.

John, the previous owner, has joked before about actually being 3 kobolds in a trench coat. I can neither confirm nor deny those rumors. But I can say that he has built something really nice here from his mystical lair in the great woods far to the north. We only wish to honor that work and continue to serve the RPG gaming community that we love and are a part of!

Right now we are very busy stirring the dice cauldrons and making sure the goblins are fed. In short, we are getting a grip on the workings of the business and making sure everyone gets the quality service they deserve during this transition.

But be on the lookout for news from us! We are working on a new logo and branding as well as a complete website redesign. If you’ve visited recently, you may have noticed some changes already as we update the About Us page, Contact information, the FAQ, etc.

We’ve removed all apparel from the shop for now. We may bring it back later—in fact we have some ideas for fun RPG themed t-shirts. We absolutely love DND shirts! But for now, we’re streamlining things by concentrating on dice.

We are also working on a more efficient fulfillment & shipping system. The DND dice subscription service mostly runs like clockwork. It’s easy to time shipping for regular delivery. But if you’re ordered individual RPG dice sets in the past, you may have noticed that shipping is… a BIT SLOW. We’re working on that and hope to have announcements soon.

To celebrate this new beginning, we will have some sales and specials in the coming months, so be on the lookout for those too!

I won’t wear out your inbox with news, but expect to hear from us a bit more as we make this transition! And don’t forget to follow and keep up with us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook!

And let us hear from you! Reach out and tell us what you think of the move, what you like or don’t like about the company, what we could be doing better, and what new products or services you would like to see in the future! Or just shoot us a line and tell us what you love about DND and tabletop RPGs!

You, the customer, are what allows us to do what we do. It is humbling that so many of you trust us with your RPG needs. We value your opinion and hope you’ll let us know your thoughts!

Until next time…

Is it DICE DAY yet?!!


(new) GM at Libris Arcana


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