How to get free dice aka we're now accepting Bitcoin

So we've decided to join the future and start accepting Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dog Money and all the other crypto currencies you've been hearing so much about. This change opens up a bit of a scheme that will let you earn free dice if you are willing to invest some effort. 

  • To get started you need to follow this link and open a coinbase account.
  • You need to fund the account with at least $100 USD (There is always a catch isn't there)
  • Once you do that coinbase will give you a $10 USD sign up bonus.
  • Then follow this link and add the dice to your cart
  • Enter the code 'FreeBitCoinDice' during checkout which will make the dice $10 USD and pay with your $10 sign up bonus
  • There you go free dice on the way to you


If you want to skip all the effort the code 'FreeBitCoinDice' will actually get you a discount even if you pay with real money.



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