It's a New Year and we are on to New Exciting Things here at Libris Arcana. But now is a perfect time to look back at the previous year and what we've accomplished. We are not the biggest D&D Dice company on the internet, but I (completely unbiased) think we make some of the most beautiful, custom made, limited edition resin dice sets you can get your hands on!

My family acquired Libris Arcana in 2022 from John Schaub, the founder, and the first 6 months were rocky! Supply chain headaches and shipment delays galore!

However 2023 we really caught our stride, and we made some amazing dice! So without further ado, here is our 2023 Dice of the Month Retrospective!


Beware the Blood Moon. Beautiful but deadly. These resin DND dice have a dark, almost black, layer of red that drips and drabs into a clear, translucent resin streaked with purple and scattered with tiny, glittery inclusions. These dice evoke dark blood dripping in a starry night sky. This is still one of my favorite sets!


Ah, the first hints of spring. Lingering clumps of snow over fresh shoots of grass. The first red blossoms daring to peak out. The mighty clomp of the powerful druid as he charges you with his Shillelagh! Are those red drops flowers... Or blood?


Sweet with just a hint of tartness, introducing Dreamsicle. This 7-piece resin dice set are a translucent pink layered wth orange gold. The numbering is a crisp white. They look good enough to lick, but please don't try to eat them!


Cerulean Haze looks like a cloudy sky out of a nightmare, beautiful but dangerous. This 7-piece resin dice set swirls with blue, purple, and soft white. The numbering is inked a light blue.


Is there anything better than a Mint Julep on a nice spring evening? The sweetness of the sugar, the bite of the mint, the warmth of the bourbon? Hopefully dice will give you more warmth and sweetness, and less bite. This 7 piece resin dice set have a clear rose resin layered with mint green. Transulecent, they are filled with gold flake inclusions. The numbers are a rich gold. 


This set immediately brought to mind the absolute best concert I've ever attended. A packed stadium, an elaborate stage in the round, and the artist now once again known as Prince holding us all in the palm of his hand. Clear resin layered with purple and with a scattering of purple glittery inclusions, I give you--Purple Rain


Emberstone plays tricks with the eye. One moment cool & dark as a shadow, the next glowing wth red heat. Shimmering with iridescent glitter, this 7-piece resin dice set look almost black until the light shines through showing the red resin. With clear, silver numbering these dice will smolder on your table.


Like fumes from a burbling cauldron or mist emanating from a glowing portal, Miasma nearly glows with sinister energy. This seven piece dice set features a bright green dye layered through translucent resin, tiny blue dot inclusions and a dark blue inking that pops against the green. 


With flowing layers of black and deep purple, Underdark brought to mind a certain, heroic drow elf with glowing, lavender eyes. This seven piece dice set features opaque resin in beautiful colors with a smattering of glittery inclusions. The numbers are crisp and white as a drow's hair.


Layers of vibrant yellow and stark white set in clear resin make a brilliant contrast in this 7-piece resin dice set. My son took one look at them and said Dart Frog. The name was too perfect to pass up. Like their namesake, these dice are beautiful but deadly.


Can your table take the heat of Salamander Sands? This resin DND dice set is swirled with opaque crimson and white, like whorling flames. The inking is done in a stark black that leaps off the face.


You'll want to wear gloves when you roll these resin RPG dice. Frostbite is layered with a crystalline white, a shocking stripe of blue, and a subtle layer of lavender. The inking is a slightly lighter blue and reads nicely. This resin dice set will leave your fingers numb!

And that's a wrap! Do you have a favorite? Anything you want to see more of? Tell us in the comments!

We had so much fun last year cranking out limited edition resin dice RPG sets for y'all! If you want to join in the fun, sign up for a Dice Subscription. Or at least get on our email list (and get a 20% Off Promo Code) and keep up with what we're doing! 


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