I just stumbled across the most amazing Kickstarter Campaign on Twitter (where I spend too much time clearly).


DiceRole Studios is raising funds to create a documentary all about Dungeons & Dragons, DND players, and the fantastic worlds we inhabit. The project is the brainchild of Matt Taylor (@Ascension_Matt on Twitter), a gamer & (importantly) a filmmaker & Christina Housenick (@Kittyhouseknife on Twitter and Instagram), Twitch star & influencer.

Libris Arcana has kicked in $1000 to this project and is offering free 2 month dice subscriptions for pledges of $10 or more! We hope you’ll contribute & tell your friends about it!

This all started with a dream Matt had. I don’t mean metaphorically. He actually fell asleep and had a dream. In his dream he traveled all over the country playing Dungeons and Dragons with people he met and swapping dice along the way. I don’t know about you, but I like him already.

When Matt awoke, he Tweeted this out to the world (as one does) and was shocked by the response he got. Which is silly. I mean, of course DND fans & TTRPG players were psyched about this project. He eventually got the attention of Christina, and between the two of them they decided that this must be done!

Beyond The Game: Dice! was born. Check out the trailer!

Matt is hitting the road with his dice and his camera. He’s going to play Dungeons & Dragons on tabletops all over the world. He’s going to talk to gamers and TTRPG industry folks and find out just who tabletop gamers are and what draws us all to this hobby.

We here at Libris Arcana would love for this project to fund. We think that the more people talking about Dungeons & Dragons and TTRPGs the better. But even more important is to have US tell that story. And that’s what you’ll get with this DND movie. Because while Matt is clearly a professional when it comes to film (You should definitely check out Ascension Stories!), he is also one of us. He loves TTRPGs. He collects polyhedral dice and miniatures. He’s a DND nerd. The man non-ironically rocks a kilt!

That’s why we’re backing this project. Because along with professionalism, you’re going to get the love for this DND world that we all feel. This film with be one of US telling the story of US! 

So we’re backing this Dungeons & Dragons movie, and we hope you will too. Along with our contribution, we are donating 2 months of our dice subscription to pledges at the $10 level or above. So while supporting this important and amazing DND movie, you or anyone you know can get $31 worth of dice for $10! It’s a crazy good deal, and we hope people will join us in supporting Beyond the Game: Dice!

You don't have much time as the Kickstarter expires on September 3, 2022.

So spread the word!


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