Since we started a number of years ago we've been very hesitant to raise prices on our subscriptions for existing customers. Unfortunately with the events of the last couple of years the reality of the market has become clear and we are going to need to bring our legacy pricing inline with our list price.  We know that this is not a decision that is going to make anyone happy and we really hate to do it but our costs have went up dramatically recently and the simple reality is if we don't raise prices we won't stay in business. To put it in perspective our shipping costs are more then twice what they were before the pandemic began despite the fact that we've moved from individual first class parcel shipping to bulk rate consolidated shipping. The changes in our bottom line have been simply game  changing and we cannot continue to absorb the difference.

To be clear this change won't impact the list price on the website but will impact those customers who have a legacy subscription. The changes will go into effect Nov 1st 2021. Again we are really sorry to do this but we have no choice in the matter.



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