• Sept Customer Update

    We're back from our vacation and have worked through the order backlog. Things should be back to normal by Wednesday at the latest. Our current sub...
  • We're launching our own version of kickstarter

    If you pay close attention to the webpage like we're supposed to you'll have noticed we recently launched a pre-release section. This is basically ...
  • Summer Vacation

    Just a quick note for those of you that don't follow us on Twitter or Facebook (why don't you follow us on Twitter or Facebook ????). We are off on...
  • Review of the Blizzard Dice Liquid Core d20

    A few weeks ago we came across a posting in the dice subreddit from a new manufacturer showing off their liquid core d20 design. Given we're total ...
  • A New Blog

    Just a note that we've moved our blog over to our .com domain. Old links will still work but new content will be added here.
  • The price of dice in China aka 'The Impact of Tariffs on Dice Prices'

    A lot of posters on social media today are expressing concern that the recently announced tariffs on goods (including Dice and Games) coming out of China will have an impact on the sale price of dice. Since I've got a bit of a sense of how this business works I thought I'd shed some light on it.
  • April Customer Update

    Kickstarters are hard but we survived.
  • Adventures in shipping?

    Just a post to let our US customers know that we are experimenting with a new shipping provider over the next month. Currently we use Canada Post w...
  • Libris Arcana Travelling Dice Box

    If you don't know a travelling dice box is a way for people to trade dice. Essentially someone starts the box by adding a couple dozen sets of dice...
  • We don't have enough dice !!!1!!1!

    Yes we've resorted to clickbait headlines but we just want to give you some details on our limited edition sets and how we are dealing with our growing subscription.
  • Where can I get a custom set of RPG dice made?

    It's a question that comes up fairly often someone wants to get a custom set of dice made for their adventuring group and asks if we can help.
  • Critical Role just changed fandom forever

    If you've been following the news in the last few days you'll know that Critical Role has come out with a 45 day kickstarter aimed at creating an animated version of 'The Legend of Vox Machina'. As I write this they are most of the way through day two and they have raised more then 4x their total goal or just below five million USD.