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Arcane Ramblings

We Bought a DND Dice Company!

It’s just like that cheesy family movie We Bought a Zoo but with less animals and no Matt Damon. My name is Dan, your new GM and the proud new...

Sat, Jun 18, 22

Article By: Daniel Wandrey

Updating Legacy Subscription Prices

Since we started a number of years ago we've been very hesitant to raise prices on our subscriptions for existing customers. Unfortunately with the events of the last couple of...

Wed, Oct 27, 21

Article By: John Schaub

Daily Free Dice Giveaways

For the last year or so we've been running a monthly dice giveaway on Twitter where we give a code for free dice to someone that follows us and retweets...

Thu, Sep 30, 21

Article By: p a

March Dice Delay

Just an update that due to the ongoing COVID situation our March subscription dice announcement and shipping will be delayed. The factory in China that was producing the March dice...

Sun, Feb 28, 21

Article By: p a

What's the best resin for dice?

If you want to make your own dice at home you need to decide which of the 12,351 different brands of Resin to buy. Since so many people have asked...

Fri, Sep 04, 20

Article By: John


******************************************************************************************* *** Guest Post - We often allow small content creators to use our blog as a way to introduce themselves to our audience. John ******************************************************************************************* As of writing this...

Sun, Jun 14, 20

Article By: John

Vancouver we have a Problem

It was pretty much a guarantee that the way the world is going and with all the changes and expansions we've been making we'd hit a issue. And we have....

Tue, Jun 02, 20

Article By: John

Shipping Delays due to COVID-19

In the last few weeks we've noticed a very serious slowdown in shipping speed worldwide. We will be limiting sales to some countries for at least the next few weeks...

Thu, May 07, 20

Article By: John

The Future of LibrisArcana

So for the last few months we've been dropping tons of hints about big things coming down the pipe and we are ready to give some more details. In the...

Sat, May 02, 20

Article By: John

History of LibrisArcana

The History As I prep for the next few months which we hope will be very big ones for us I thought I'd pull together a history of the store....

Wed, Apr 15, 20

Article By: John

Dice in the Time of Corona

Just a quick post to say we hope you are all doing well with Corona virus situation and update you on how things are going on our end. For our part we are...

Wed, Mar 25, 20

Article By: John

Coronoavirus Update

If you've been following the news I'm sure you've already heard that the Novel Coronoavirus first identified in Wuhan China has been causing chaos around the world. Beyond the obvious illness...

Wed, Feb 12, 20

Article By: Guest Post