Greetings again fellow nerds! Welcome to The Curious Recap. My name is Patrick McNabb, and I play Tharnus in Curious Goods, a live-streamed D&D5e persistent campaign on Twitch. 

At the top of the episode, our adventurers had just concluded a meeting with Moringen's town elder. He offered them payment to dispatch or remove the goblins responsible for raiding the town. To do this, they needed to travel to the Kovetchen mines.

From previous experience, the adventurers speculated that starvation was the driving force behind the goblin raids and decided that food would be a good exchange for the release of the captives. With this in mind, they visited a local farm where they purchased livestock, then promptly headed to the mines. Leaf took to heart a comment from the farmer about being “more serious”.

They met up with Kastet Kovetchen (the mine owner’s nephew) who discussed his "respectful displacement" of the goblins within the mine. The weasely Kastet was convinced, through a clutch roll, to join the party and negotiate with the goblins and they made their way into the mines, livestock in tow. Their initial encounter with the goblins provoked a fight, but after an explosive arrow and through some good persuasion rolls they were able to begin a dialogue.

The goblin leader, Sratha, explained that a passage in the mine had opened up and members of their tribe began exploring it for a possible route into Staz'Andor. Those goblins never returned. Something else did, however, and it took over their food supply. This led the goblins to raid the town and taking hostages in desperation.

A deal was struck with Sratha: the adventurers would kill or drive off whatever was keeping the goblins from their food, and in return, the citizens would be returned unharmed. Arriving at the goblin fishing grounds, the adventurers discovered a warped and twisted abomination that looked like two goblins combined with one another. This is where we ended the episode.

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