Hey, again fellow nerds!  I, once again, am Daniel Mallett the DM for Curious Goods on Twitch, which is a live-streamed D&D5e persistent campaign. Welcome back to the Curious Recap here on Libris Arcana.

When last we left off, Leaf had just emerged from their inert "sleeping" state as Barik and Tharnus killed a water buffalo. Just as the two were about to get an admonishing from Leaf, Goblins were heard off in the distance, and a hand connected to Leaf's  frame, and that's where we begin this episode.

Right off the top, Leaf pulls the hand grabbing their back and tossed them on the ground in front of them. They are greeted by an elderly half-elven man claiming to be Barik's Father. A few seconds later, the stranger drops the ruse and reveals themselves to be Slatey a changeling tailor who spotted their camp while passing through.  The introduction, however, was cut short by an arrow glancing past Barik's face.  They found themselves partially surrounded by 9 Goblins and a battle ensued. After dispatching all but two, they discover that the goblins, who upon further inspection, looked as if they were starving, and were only after the game they had killed. Being generous they gave them some meat and also named their horses after two of the goblins fallen comrades "Dazzle" and "Shawn"

During the battle Leaf had redirected one of the arrows that a goblin fired at them toward Barik intentionally. After the conclusion of the fight, the two had a heart to heart about the world and about some uncomfortable realities; the two disagreed, Leaf unwavering. They decided to continue on to the town of Moringen. (Here's a highlight of that heart to heart https://www.twitch.tv/videos/532603403 Warning: There is coarse language immediately)

When they arrived at the town, through a guard named Saoirse (pronounced Ser-Shah)  they found that the place over the past few weeks has been beset by Goblins. A few incursions where they would pillage the town, take food and hostages in the hopes of exchanging set hostages for food or coin. Another member of the citizenry by the name of Arwen the local proprietor of the Broken Den Inn was found to be at her wits end on account that her children are assumed to be counted amongst the likely hostages, as their corpses were not found among the rest of the dead.

The group acts on Arwen's suggestion to heads over to the town elders' residence to strike a deal to either remove or kill the goblins. They were offered 25 gold for each citizen saved, as well as 15 gold per pair of Goblin toes. The group obviously uncomfortable at the thought of taking the Goblins toes to display as proof of disposal are told that if they can guarantee that the goblins are no longer a threat and will vacate the mines, and they can prove this to the owner of the mine, they will be compensated. With this information, the group has yet to form a plan, and that is where we ended the session.

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