Greetings fellow nerds! And welcome to The Curious Recap. My name is Daniel Mallett, and I’m the DM for Curious Goods, a live-streamed D&D5e persistent campaign on twitch. The other players involved in the show are Chelsey Stuyt who plays Leaf: A Warforged monk. Justin Stone plays Barik: A Swashbuckling rogue.  Patrick McNabb plays Tharnus: A half-elf Arcane Archer. And we've also got a new cast member joining us: Nikolai Witschl. His character will be revealed on the 6th of January sooooo…no spoilers.

Without further ado, let us begin our recap. This group of adventurers come from various parts of Velgrath and are all in search of something. Be it a truth or a physical object, they are all in search of answers.  Brought together at the behest of a mysterious benefactor, one Jesselyn Tarley, the group separately were all given a task - to recover specific cursed objects. Upon completion, they all converged upon the town of Rudesheim, the home of Curious Goods, an antique store, but in reality a front for the recovery and storage of cursed objects. 

After delivering their quarry to Jesselyn, they opted to have a night out and release a bit of pent up tension. Not being able to scratch their itch at the Ornery Codger Pub they switched gears and headed to a Night Market, where they came upon the Raskopf family's Tapestry exhibit. After all the Tapestries we're revealedthey all suddenly began to rip and tear, unfurling and then reforming into 3 "entities". They later learned the entities were called the Tsochar, creatures from The Far Realm. During the encounter the Tsochar dispatched two civilians and seemingly possessed a traveler (Gerryn Beauchamp) visiting from the Capital. The adventurers attempted to stop the possessed Gerryn; he, however, managed to escape and the group was left to contend with the law. 

They managed to convince the Dominion guards that they weren't responsible, but through a series of missteps, they were under their watchful eye. Regardless, the party took it upon themselves to uncover what brought the Tsochar from the far realm to Velgrath. Through some keen detective work and a few bumps along the way, (Leaf getting arrested, and a heist) they uncovered the cause to be a loom which was sold to the Raskopf family by a halfling calling himself Fenthrus. 

After bringing it back to Curious Goods, Jesselyn identified it to be "The Reaver's Loom"  an object which reveals a potential future through the tapestries it weaves. She also learned that its purpose has since been twisted to also be a gateway for the Tsochari. The adventurers now find themselves with more questions, what has caused the properties of the loom to change, and what are the motives of the one trafficking them?

With a pocket full of questions the party sets their sights on Roshawn to track Gerryn and to address a new quest given to them by Jesselyn… 

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