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In the last episode, the group had gathered themselves and parted ways from Moringen after Solving their "Goblin problems." They headed on the open road heading for the capital of the Dominion, Roshawn.

On their way, they discovered a small encampment that seemed to be filled with workers who were setting up the pylons for the lightning rail. The entire group made their way over and Leaf met up with another Warforge worker there. The two went off to chat, while the others decided to set up a little entertainment for the evening.

Leaf learned a bit more about the Warforged origins through Gallan, and specifically their model, but seemed to make a new friend. Needing to Marinate on the new information Leaf returned to the group to discover Slatey had signed them up to race against a horse. Slatey needed to convince Leaf to use the Ring of Jumping which meant cheating, they agreed because of the entertainment factor for the camp, and it would also be fun for the horse.

The Race was off and Leaf overshot the finishing line by over 50 feet leaving the horse behind in the dust by almost seemingly long jumping their way to the finishing line 500 feet away. After the race They all collected their Spoils bedded down for the night and move on their way to Roshawn.

After another few days of travel, the group began to get closer to, as Slatey put it, their "favorite place in the entire world"  which happened to be a simple motel-style inn. The rest of the party was a bit confused. Upon entering they were greeted by the owner of the Best Respite, Snat Tippem a half-orc, which is something incredibly rare within the dominion's borders. But he seemed to exhibit the intelligence of a regular orc.

Staley entered the motel as another form, one he referred to as Gherol. He pretended he was Snat's Sister, which ensured that he was able to stay free at the motel for however long he wanted. He told them as much about this and that he used this place as a practice ground for perfecting his character study when he was changing forms. The group felt uncomfortable by this learning about how Slatey seemed to make his way through life conning people. Leaf felt especially uncomfortable and tried to give Snat 50 gold for the stay, he refused.

The group spent the night and awake the next morning and left the motel to finish their final leg to Roshawn. After a half days travel they arrived at the gates. Witnessing the fams outside as well as the tent city that was outside the city walls. They prepped themselves to cross into the city gates and that's where we left off.

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