We've officially got the dice subscription dialed in so every month will have a dice theme and you won't need to follow us on Twitter (you still should) to know what is shipping when. 

This month we are shipping our soon to be world famous 'RetroVice' exclusive set. 1,000 of these were made and they will be made available to subscribers first like all our exclusive sets. Sign up today to get a set. Most subscribers actually already have theirs or very soon will because as we've done in the past we preshipped the December monthly subscriptions with the Nov subscription. We do this to help spread the work load a little and let us take some time off over December.

We are also happy to announce that we've finalize the samples for our next exclusive set and given the go ahead to move to production. Again only 1,000 sets of these will be made and they will be available first to monthly subscribers. We're calling them 'Rogue Nebula' and they will be arriving in the dice subscription early in 2020. 

In our metal dice subscription we are currently shipping a very cool pewter finished set with raised numbering. If you hate your gaming table and want your dice bag to double as a bludgeoning weapon the metal dice subscription is for you.

Also we recently restocked our Leather Gaming Book Covers. If you want a new color or just missed out the first time now is your chance.

Finally in the biggest of big news we've ever announced we are launching our Digital Gaming Subscription on Jan 1st 2020. This has been our dream from the beginning and while it took a while to come to fruition we are super excited to be so close to launching. We will officially announce the launch on our Twitter, Facebook and Mailing list so you won't miss it. The code 'FreeMonth' will get you the first month free so you can check it out at no cost. Each month the Digital Gaming Subscription will send out professionally created adventure hooks, maps and new content not available elsewhere. This is a great way for the busy DM to get content that the players can't just Google.

Thanks again for all your support and suggestions. We'll be both swamped with orders and trying to get some time off over the next month so have a great holiday and we'll see you again in January.



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