Recently we've seen a number of dice kickstarters toss in the term hand-poured and allude to the idea that their dice are handmade. In the interest of clarity we wanted to unpack this a little bit. For the record all resin dice are hand-poured that is just part of the process of pouring the liquid resin into the mold. All manufacturers of resin dice hand-pour their dice wither they are one of the big companies doing 10,000 sets in a batch or smaller teams like us doing 1,000 sets in a batch. The dice we ship in our premium subscription are hand-poured resin for example.

The difference comes when you pull the dice out of the mold. With mass produced resin dice the dice are tumble finished to clean of mold seams and any imperfections. This is a quick and cheap process but it always results in the dice having rounded edges. With handmade dice the edges can be sharp because they can are handsanded as long as the mold used has sharp edges. Some of our handmade dice are sharp edged while others are rounded depending on the mold set we used. The thing is hand sanding takes a long long time and is why handmade dice are so expensive. 

Hopefully this made the difference clearer. If you see someone claiming dice are hand poured please know that this is shameless marketing and does not mean they are handmade.




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