If you want to make your own dice at home you need to decide which of the 12,351 different brands of Resin to buy. Since so many people have asked we thought we'd toss up a blog post so we can point people to it in the future and get that sweet Amazon affiliate money.

The honest answer is if you know what you are doing and you have all the equipment you need including a vacuum chamber, pressure pot and curing oven pretty much any Resin will do as long as it is UV resistant and cures hard. We prefer a simple marine tabletop resin because it is inexpensive and as long as you do the degassing properly the results are excellent and very durable. The downside of this resin is it does take a while to cure at room temp so a curing oven is very nice to have but the counterpoint is you will find you have more time to work with it before pouring which is very good for beginners or a production line where you many have 100 molds to fill in a batch. As a protip if you are looking at getting more advanced the average ikea wardrobe can be converted into an excellent curing oven with a small space heater and a drill.

All that said if you don't have a ton of equipment Art Resin is the way to go. It is vastly more expensive and often out of stock but it is very forgiving and comes in large or small containers so you can just buy what you need. At the scale we are operating the 2x price markup is just not worth it but for a one off it is totally usable.

Both of these recommendations have no VOCs but remember all resin casting should be done with proper safety gear including eye protection and gloves in a very well ventilated area. 

If you don't want to take the time to make your own handmade dice we do sell a bunch and we take commissions if you have a design in mind.




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