It was pretty much a guarantee that the way the world is going and with all the changes and expansions we've been making we'd hit a issue. And we have.

When packing the first batch of Genesis dice for the Premium Subscribers yesterday we discovered a mold issue. To keep it really simple Resin dice are poured into molds and if the mold has an issue the dice will have an issue. Given these are the first set of dice we are shipping in the newly launched Premium Subscription there is no way in hell they are going out the door with an error so we've launched an effort to remake the dice and fix the issue.

The problem is that this of course will take time and will delay the shipping by a few weeks. This combined with the already slow shipping around the world due to COVID means the Genesis set will be significantly delayed and will likely not arrive for most people until after the next set launches. I am genuinely sorry for this delay and I hope you understand we are putting quality over speed.

You might rightfully be asking why we didn't catch this sooner and why we don't have a better fall back plan then delaying shipping. The reason is simply that this was our first set going to the new fulfillment center. We've previously dealt with issues like this and the way to handle them is to always have at least a couple of months dice ready to go. That way if a batch has an issue you can work around it by shipping a future batch early even if you find it at the last minute. We generally aim to have two months on deck at all times but since this is literally the first subscription set we are shipping from the new fulfillment center we don't have another months inventory in place yet. In the future if this problem happens again you won't be impacted by it because we'll be able to switch around the months.


Thank you for your patience and stay safe



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