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At the end of the previous session, the adventurers had narrowly defeated the entities hoarding the Goblin's food supply. They made their return to inform them of the completion of the task to find a modest feast happening. They partook in as much before passing out from their sustained injuries', And that's where we picked up the episode.


The next morning the party woke up and headed over to the mines office site, where Kastet, (The mine owners nephew) paid them for their services rendered. They promptly headed back to the town of Moringen where they reunited the townsfolk with those that were taken hostage by the Goblins.


They visited the town's elder to report to him the progress they had made and to collect their reward. They handed him the toes they harvested off the dead entities, this didn't sit well with Elder Helge, as they found out he didn't expect them to even return, let alone bring him body parts as proof. When he left the room, to fetch their reward money, the party discovered a ledger and found the elder was funneling money from the rail project to himself. In exchange for their silence, they informed him they'd be keeping the full amount in the chest. 700 Gold pieces, a nice reward indeed for a task completed.


The remainder of the time they spent in the town was at the Miners Fortune pub, which belonged to a pair of Dwarves, one of which whom they saved. They arrived in time for a dwarven wake. Leaf found themselves confused by the custom and kept pouring their booze out onto the floor. They also learned a bit more about Tharnus and the monastery where he grew up. The Order of Oghmas Truth. Leaf was fascinated by finding out that Tharnus was the one who ran the monastery, told him that they were aligned, in that they both had goals of seeking out truth…but had different methods. This is where Tharnus learned first hand how Leaf could extract aspects by punching foes. From this exchange, a friendly, mini bar fight happened amongst the party, allowing them to blow off some steam.


After heading back to the inn the party took a long-deserved rest, woke the next day and headed onto the open road towards Roshawn, The Capitol of the Dominion. And that's where we ended the Episode. 


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