The Curious Recap - Jan 23rd 2020

Greetings fellow nerds! And welcome to The Curious Recap. As always I'm Daniel Mallett, the DM for Curious Goods, a live-streamed D&D5e persistent campaign on Twitch.

Let's dive right into it:

With the Adventurers being tasked to clear out what's been occupying an area  where the Goblins food source is located, Barik sneaked ahead of the others (with Slatey using the gaze of two minds to see through Bariks eyes) to see a pair of transmogrified Goblins. Horrid, abominations! The party made the decision to set a trap by laying some ball bearings down to trip up the creature.  With ease, they were able to dispatch the first creature, but there was more waiting inside.

A tense battle ensued causing Barik to be felled by one of these creatures; Tharnus remembering the healing potion Barik stole from the potion shop, made his way over bringing him back to life. Upon drawing his first breath, he leaned in giving Tharnus a kiss.

Another creature made its way into the mix. Something just as horrific as the twisted goblins. This creature had two long tentacles that came out of the back of the sickly looking creature. Cilia like tentacles coving its humanoid body, holes where its eyes should be and a long snakelike protruding tongue whipping around. The battle was becoming dire, and out of desperation, Barik decided to drink another one of the potions he had stolen from the safe back in Rudesheim without knowing what it was.

They managed to dispatch all of the goblinoid creatures, and just when things we're looking at their worst; Both Leaf and Tharnus held 15 feet at bay in two different directions by the tentacles, Tharnus took his blade and sawed off the tentacle-like appendage of the creature holding him. This ended up killing the final creature and saving the goblins food source.

The Adventurers all bloody and beaten search the cavern for signs of any other creatures. Barik grabs the creature's equipment and Slatey manages to identify several magical items. While Leaf manages to find a gap in the cavern wall, The potion Barik took finally caught up with him; failing a constitution saving throw (rolling a natural one) begins to uncontrollably defecate his pants and jumps into the water to wash himself off. Before leaving the cavern they plug the crack in the cavern wall as best they could and make their way back to the Goblins to report that they have fulfilled their request.

After being given back some items the Goblins raided from the town, the party takes a well deserved rest, and this is where we ended the Episode.

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