So for the last few months we've been dropping tons of hints about big things coming down the pipe and we are ready to give some more details. In the last few months we've spent a ton of time and money on building out the business with the goal of aggressively expanding this year. The big changes that are coming:

Change #1 - We've already talked about this previously. We have partnered with a professional fulfillment company and will be moving almost all our shipping to them starting June 1st. This will allow us to focus on building the business as opposed to spending hours a day packing orders. It will also allow us to take a vacation without coming back to pack hundreds of orders.

Change #2 - Again we mentioned this before. We're moving to professional mailers. As part of the move to professional fulfillment we will have awesome new branded bubble mailers.

Change #3 - Again old news - We are moving our dice subscription to all exclusive limited edition premium resin dice. This has been our goal since very early on and we are so excited to be there. Our exclusive dice have proven to be very popular and we always want to sell products that cannot be purchased anywhere else.

Change #4 - This is the new and important news. As part of this change we will be creating two tiers of dice subscription. The first will be the basic subscription which will ship off the shelf dice and our current subscription will be renamed the 'premium dice subscription' and ship exclusive resin sets. All existing dice subscription subscribers will be transitioned to the premium subscription at the current price - If you've wanted to sign up now is the time to do so to lock in the existing price. The premium dice subscription will be $15.50/month for new signups.

Change #5 - We will be launching our handmade dice line. We've talked about this but been too busy making dice to post much on the blog. We hope to have our first sets available by June.


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