If you've been following the news I'm sure you've already heard that the Novel Coronoavirus first identified in Wuhan China has been causing chaos around the world. Beyond the obvious illness and deaths that have resulted the quarantine that has been enacted to prevent the spread of the virus has impacted supply chains for companies large and small. We are of course no exception.

First off we've communicated with our partners in China and aside from the boredom and financial impact of being unable to work they are taking things in stride. None of our current suppliers are directly in the Wuhan area but the impacts are now being felt everywhere in China with shipping grinding to a halt in many ways and factories closed in many areas. Because of this we've had to take a number of actions to avoid impact to our customers. 

As of today we have dropped all listings of products fulfilled from China. Many products are still shipping but with the factories closed and mail moving sporadically we will be unable to guarantee delivery so we will be bringing these items down from the site temporarily. We also have a fulfillment facility in Estonia and we are talking to them now about their inventory levels (the dice are made in China) and if they have sufficient inventory we will move fulfillment there as a stop gap. We don't default to the Estonia fulfillment facility as it is in general slower then China.

That said the vast bulk of our sales are actually our dice subscriptions all but one of which fulfill from Vancouver Canada and will continue uninterrupted. We keep months of inventory on hand in Vancouver and received a large shipment in early Dec 2019 so we will be able to move forward without disruption for the foreseeable future. The one exception is our Metal Dice Subscription which fulfills from China. In this case we will be pausing the subscription for a month (no orders will be charged or fulfilled) and re-evaluating at that time.

Thanks for your understanding.



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