Edit: There has been a lot of concern and confusion around this post. To be 100% clear we are only closing subscriptions that are priced in Canadian dollars to new subscribers. Canadian residents will still be able to sign up for the international subscription priced in USD. Current subscribers are in no way impacted by this change.



As our dice subscription has grown we've previously let people know that we will be closing it to new sign ups at a certain point to maintain our customer service levels. We are very committed to getting people clarity on what dice are shipping what month and to do that we need a better sense of how many subscribers we will have in a given month.

If you've followed us for a long time you'll also know that we started with a Canadian dice subscription and after almost a year started our international dice subscription. We started the international subscription both to access a bigger market and as a way to earn US dollars. The majority of our costs are in US dollars so getting income in US dollars allows us to avoid exchange fees.

We've now hit the point where we need to start closing the subscriptions to new sign ups and given current exchange rates and the distribution between our Canadian and international customer base we've decided to close the Canadian dollar subscription to new sign ups on Nov 15th. Current subscribers will be totally unaffected and if you sign up before Nov 15th you will lock in the current Candida dollar pricing. The international subscription will remain open to new sign ups for the foreseeable future and of course existing subscribers either international or Canadian won't notice any difference. Canadian customers will still have access via the international subscription for as long as it is open. 

Going forward we will do everything we can to keep the international subscription open to everyone for as long as we can. We don't plan to completely close it to new sign ups unless we have to but we may reach a point where we need to limit the number of sign ups to 50 - 100 per month. 

If you have any questions please drop a comment here or send us an email at GM@Librisarcana.ca

Protip - If you are a Canadian and want to get access to the subscription prices going forward but don't want to get dice every month you can always start a subscription and put it on pause. If you cancel you will not be able to recreate it in the future.



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