As world renowned experts on all things geeky and gaming related we decided to pull together a couple quick suggestions if you're looking to buy a gift for the gamer in your life.

1. A classic adventure revisited. If your gamer has been gaming for a long time they have almost certainly played the Keep on the borderlands. This module is one of the foundational classics of Dungeons & Dragons. The Keep on the Borderlands revisited is essentially an updated and expanded version of the original for the 5th edition and pretty much a must have for any gamer. 

2. An epic gaming bag. Getting all your stuff to and from the game is a massive pain but various companies have stepped up and solved the problem with custom designed bags specifically designed for RPG gamers.


3. Our awesome dice subscription (If you thought this list was going to be free from self promotion sorry to disappoint). The year of dice lets you give the gamer in your life a year of our famous monthly dice subscription for 12 months for a one time payment. The subscription doesn't renew so no need to remember to cancel or anything like that. If you want a slightly cheaper option the quarterly year of dice is the same idea but it ships once every three months.

4. If you're on a tight budget pins and dice sets are always awesome. Be aware that some of these items ship direct from the factory so delivery will be slower particularly around the holidays.

5. If you're budget is larger premium dice are will be popular but be warned we don't actually recommend metal dice for gaming as they are heavy and notoriously hard on tables.

6. Our leather book covers. These are only available from LibrisArcana so you can be certain they will be a unique gift.

7.. And finally what list would be complete without a Gaming Themed Christmas T-Shirt. We are genuinely surprised at the popularity of this one.



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