Those that have followed us for a while will know we've been working to make the dice subscription more predictable and get to a point where each dice theme lasts exactly a calendar month. This will provide better predictability for customers and help make sure people get the sets they really want. We're happy to announce that starting Nov 1st 2019 with our 'SeaFoam' set we've hit that goal. Going forward if by some unforeseen fluke we get a massive influx of new sign ups we will actually close the subscription to new sign ups temporarily to insure we remain on schedule. I know this might seem like a really simple problem to solve for people who are on the outside but it has been probably the most difficult thing to figure out about this business so far. We're really grateful to our factory partners who have helped with providing us the inventory on far shorter lead times to make it possible.

In other awesome news our fourth exclusive set 'RetroVice' is done and on it's way to us so you will be receiving it very shortly. Our fifth exclusive set (Not Yet Named) is entering production and will be arriving in Feb/May time frame most likely.

Finally those that have been with us for over a year (we love you) will remember that last year we actually did a double shipment for our dice subscription in November and Early December. That is we shipped both your November and December/January dice in one shipment in November and Early December. The reason we did that was because last year we were taking a huge vacation over the holidays and we didn't want people's dice to be unreasonably delayed. This year we are going to do the same thing to allow us to deal with the ramp up in orders over the holidays. We hope this isn't an inconvenience for people, the benefit to you is you will get 'RetroVice' in either your November shipment or early in December.

In general store news our leather covers are done production and on their way to us as well. As soon as they clear customs we will be shipping the pre-orders and getting them listed on the site for everyone. Speaking of the site if you haven't taken a look around recently please give it a glance. We've added a bunch of new branded products as well as new content provided by other manufacturers. Also as previously announced we've added the ability to pay for your orders in many different currencies if you choose. Check out our previous blog post for details.

Finally we really do appreciate your continued support. When we started this it was just a way to engage in our hobby a little differently. Seeing it grow into something that is looking a lot like a real business is truly amazing and it is all because of your support. As always we love to get feedback so if you have suggestions please don't hesitate to reach out



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