We often get emails asking for details on the exclusive sets we've produced. This blog post will be updated periodically to give people a place with all the names, launch date and history of every exclusive set we produce.

Our exclusive dice are all limited edition to prevent us from drowning in inventory and are made available first to premium monthly subscribers (who are guaranteed to get a set) then to premium quarterly subscribers and finally they are listed on our site. If you are a subscriber who wants to buy an additional set just use the secret subscriber code to get additional exclusives at the subscriber price (if you don't know the code drop us an email at GM@LibrisArcana.com). All our exclusive dice come with a logo sticker and early sets were numbered.

Snowblind - Technically launched second but produced first. We had to delay shipment on these due to a mold issue with the d6 that required remaking them. We made 1,000 sets of Snowblind as part of our kickstarter in early 2019. They were a controversial set because we went with a full on matte finish which many people loved but some people hated. We still have some available in stock as of Oct 2019.


Hawaiian Sunset - Our layered sunset themed set also launched as part of our kickstarter in early 2019. These were a double polished set which made them very shiny but a little too round for some peoples tastes. We made 500 sets of these and a few made it to the site but they sold out essentially immediately. 

Pride - Launched for pride month in 2019 these were a mixed color set. We had intended to make 1,000 sets of these but due to a production issue ended up only making 500 sets. As such not all monthly subscribers got a set which caused us to rework our process to guarantee all exclusive sets to monthly subscribers going forward. 

Retro Vice -  We made 1,000 RetroVice and all monthly subscribers got a set in Dec 2019. We funded these via a pre-order on our own website with 100 units going to pre-order funders.

Rogue Nebula - launched to all monthly subscribers in Feb 2020 and then to quarterly subscribers.1,000 sets of Rogue Nebula were made. They have proven to be our most popular set ever.

Rogue Nebula Dice


Genesis - Launched to subscribers in June 2020 genesis represented the start of our goal to deliver an exclusive set every month for our recently renamed premium dice subscription. Unfortunately a production error resulted in us having to toss the first batch of dice so these we're delayed in shipping initially. Once they arrived they were extremely popular.

Orcana - We like orange what can we say the mix of semi translucent resin and gold flake is an absolute winner. These launched in the premium dice subscription in July 2020. The reviews were mixed as a lot of people don't like the large gold flake effect. It isn't something we are going to do again due to the reaction. That said like every really different set we do there is a segment that loves it.


Perseid - Launched in Aug 2020 to coincide with the meteor shower these dice will likely be our most popular set ever. We've really got the hang of the new resin casting process with absolutely fantastic clarity on these. 

Lollipop - Launched in Sept 2020 these pink and purple sets with large glitter were immediately very popular.  As of Dec 2020 these are still available for individual purchase. 

Autumn Sunset - Launched in Oct 2020 these are a blue white resin sky set with a hint of glitter. The best sky set we've seen if we do say so ourselves. These sold out pretty much as soon as they were made available to the public.

AllHallowsEve - Our 2020 Halloween set we're a classic black and orange with a hint of glitter that really doesn't show up well in photos. These are still available for individual orders as of Dec 2020.

Magic Missletoe - Our Dec 2020 set marks the first time we went with red inking. The last of our bicolor mix dice as we will move to a slightly different direction in 2021. These are still shipping in our dice subscription until Dec 31st 2020.

Snow Taffy - Launched in Jan 2021 we were a bit worried that these would be a bit to monochrome but extra glitter carried the day. We have a few sets remaining as of March 2021.

Cotton Candy - In Feb 2021 we shipped Cotton Candy. This set was a unique layered and mixed design that we really like. We also did a small prelaunch on Kickstarter for these.

SoulFire - March 2021 was the month COVID finally messed everything up for us. Our factory in China was about to finish the polish step on FireEye when due to higher case counts in their area caused the government to shut down all work places so we were stuck with no dice for March on short notice. Fortunately one of our other factories was in the process of launching a really cool new set of their own design and let us take the first batch. It isn't an exclusive set but given the situation we were really grateful to have a set to ship. 

FireEye - Intended as our March 2021 set but shipping in April due to a the chaos of a worldwide pandemic FireEye is the best flame set we've ever seen. Join our dice subscription to lock in your set.

Ice Dice - Much like our factory dice subscription the early days of our handmade subscription were a lot of scrambling for inventory and dealing with unanticipated challenges. Practically what this means is that we would often release a set on the first of the month and be scrambling to find a filler set by the 19th because we ran out of inventory. By April 2021 though we had things underway and were confident enough to start really ramping production and even launching monthly kickstarters. Ice dice were a blue green and white transparent set with silver ink which we really loved.

Sakura Sunset - In May 2021 we went big on glitter and released Sakura Sunset a deep pink purple set with large foil glitter. You'll notice we changed molds as well as part of our migration to a unified supply chain.

Lavender Haze - Our May 2021 handmade set is a stunning (possibly the prettiest dice ever made) transparent purple and white blend with lots of glitter. The gold numbering really pops as well in our opinion.

In June 2021 our factory finish (round edged) exclusive set was Rosalite a hazy pink set with gold numbering.

In June 2021 our handmade exclusive set was nightfall a black and purple blended layer set that is pretty striking. As usual we went heavy on the chunky glitter.

In July 2021 our factory finish (round edged) exclusive set was Scorch a deeply glittered gold and black set.

In July 2021 our handmade exclusive set was Nirvana a green and white set which was extremely well received.

In Aug 2021 our factory finish (round edged) exclusive set was dots our very first set with large inclusion glitter. 

In Aug 2021 our handmade exclusive set was Sunset a foggy gold set that we expect people are going to love.

In Sept 2021 our exclusive set was Infinite a deep blue set with light blue inking 

In Sept 2021 our handmade exclusive set was Hellfire a deep red and purple set.

In Oct 2021 our factory set was myst. This was the first month were we sort of matched up the designs on the factory and handmade sets.


In Oct 2021 our handmade set was moonlight. We've pretty much got handmade dice dialed in at this point and these are simply stunning.


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