A couple October updates:

Our dice theme for Oct is 'Skeletal Remains' a cool ancient bone like plastic dice (yes we're doing a Halloween theme). They will start shipping in our monthly subscription in about a day or so and are currently shipping in our quarterly subscription.

We are also shipping a 'Dragons Bagons' dragon head die as the bonus die with every monthly subscription while supplies last (until at least Oct 15th)



We are also happy to report that all our pre-funding campaigns have been successful. Our Retro Vice dice are currently being manufactured and will be shipping in about two months if all goes well. We were also able to find enough buyers to allow us to make 3 new colors of leather book covers so we will be offering (Red, Brown, Black and Blue). These will be offered as singles, a three pack, a four pack and a 12 pack. They are also currently being manufactured and should be on the site well before Christmas. 

Speaking of Christmas we have added a few factory direct options on the site. These are factories we have worked with in the past and can vouch for but shipping times are very slow so if you are looking for a gift now is a good time to order. 

Finally we are making a big push on advertising on social media in an attempt to boost our subscriber numbers headed into the Christmas season. If you are able to give us a follow on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram it would be a great help to us. Thanks for all your support. 




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