So a quick post to announce that a few days ago we split the site in two. will now be our US focused site with prices in US dollars and free shipping in the United States. will remain our Canadian site with pricing in Canadian dollars and free shipping in Canada.

Although this arrangement is slightly more expensive for us to operate the hope is that we will get additional customers from the US who were unwilling to buy from a site in a foreign currency. The added benefit for us is that almost all of our suppliers sell in USD so the hope is that our profits from the US site can be used to buy inventory and save us from paying (the insanely large) currency exchange fees making the whole site that much more profitable.

In terms of user experience except for the very rare issue with customs ordering from a site in Canada is exactly like ordering from a site in the US. Before the switch we had dozens of US customers and we don't expect to have any issues now that we have a separate site. For our existing US customers we will be sending you an email next week offering to move you over to the US subscriptions. If for whatever reason you want to remain on the Canadian subscription that's fine as well.






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