Just wanted to thank you for being part of our growth and let you know about some things that we are working one:

The major new addition to your order are postcard ads for different podcasts and gaming products. These are friends of the store who are trying to grow their audience. We don’t intend to drown you in ads but including marketing materials will help us keep our costs low so we hope you don’t mind and might be willing to check them out. If you like what you see please let them know you heard about them from LibrisArcana.

The second new addition this month is some sample gaming tokens which are being developed by Tactical Tokens as part of their recent Kickstarter. They’ve agreed to send some samples out in hopes you’ll be willing to support their kickstarter or buy them directly (https://goo.gl/LBS1wp). We are always looking for neat bonus items to add in so if you are planning to run a kickstarter and would like us to include a sample of your product please reach out and let us know.

Finally we are launching a kickstarter in the next couple of months to add limited edition custom dice to our dice subscription in 2019. It has been our goal from the beginning to start manufacturing custom dice and we are hoping the kickstarter will get our subscription volume high enough to make it possible. At first we planned to launch a massive multidice kickstarter (al la Kraken Dice) but we’ve decided to scale back and run as many as 12 smaller kickstarters throughout the year as a way to reduce the workload and maximize our chances of success. We’ve got some really amazing designs planned and hope you will support us (https://goo.gl/Md6YwW). That said if you are already a subscriber you will receive all kickstarter dice and unlocked stretch goals, you don’t need to do anything.

If you are a subscriber and would like to help us hit our goal we’d greatly appreciate you telling your friends about the kickstarter and the subscriptions.


Thanks again for all your support,




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