Here at Libris Arcana, we think D&D Dice are pretty special. Each of our sets are limited-edition in small runs and can only be found here. Every set gets a name, and when we sell out they're gone. 

One of our loyal customers reminded me about John's previous blog post compiling our monthly dice offerings. I realized I'd been remiss in documenting this. So here is the remedy. 

Unfortunately, with the changeover in ownership last year, I don't have the complete year of dice in our records. So if anyone can remember which dice we were offering between January and April of last year, let me know and I'll add em to the list. Going forward, I'll plan on creating a new post each January with a retrospective of the previous year.

So without further ado, here's last year's dice!


Purple and yellow dice set on a white background

Rainbow Sherbet looks good enough to eat! This translucent resin RPG dice set is made from swirls of purple and yellow gold with fine glittery inclusions.  The numbering is in a bold white and will read easily on your table.


Resin dice set stacked on a white background.

Fire & water don't mix right? We beg to differ with this beautiful resin DND dice set. Aqua Fuego comes in a layered translucent green and aquamarine with just a touch of flame. The white numbers in a gothic font really pop. 


Clear resin D20 with gold flake inclusions on a white background.

Strike gold on your DND gaming table with Gold Rush! This Resin DND Dice Set sparkles in translucent yellow resin with gold flake inclusions. The numbering is white and very readable.


Clear resin D6 with black flake inclusions on a white background.

This resin RPG dice set is crystal clear, but the inclusions give them almost a gray cast. The gloomy shades of the glittery inclusions float like the bleak ashfall of the Upside Down. Hence the name. Roll these dice if you dare.


Orange and white rpg dice set on white background.

Autumn Spirit. The crunch of leaves underfoot, crisp air with just a hint of woodsmoke, and a clear, starry night to sit in the local cemetery waiting for the Great Pumpkin. This beautiful resin DND dice set was made with translucent orange swirled with darker brown and a hint of opaque cream like a flitting shadow of ghosts in the woods. The numbering is bright orange and shines on the face.


Orange resin dice set nestled in a grapefruit with a white background.

Pamplemousse. Becuase grapefruit just sounds cooler in French. Just swimming in fine gold glitter, these resin RPG dice have layered pink and orange gold. They really just named themselves. The numbers are inked in a subtle pink that just sets off with the resin well. These dice are sweet enough to eat. 


7 piece resin dice set nestled in a cloud being blown from Old Man Winter's mouth.

A little can be most welcome. A lot can mean death to the unprepared. Come feel the delectable bite of Winter's Breath. This 7-piece resin RPG dice set is cast in a crystalline blue with swirling clouds of frosty white glitter. The numbering is a cool white as well. Beatiful, but don't get frost bite.


Yellow and purple resin dice set on a white background.

Cupcakes look sweet enough to eat. But please don't. This 7-piece resin RPG dice set is cast in a creamy yellow with irregular, glittery inclusions that looks like cake batter to us. When you layer that with a soooth purple that looks suspiciously like icing, you've got Cupcakes. The white number is understated but reads easily on the table. 

And that's it for the 2022! What do you think? Did anyone have a favorite dice set last year? 



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