A few weeks ago we came across a posting in the dice subreddit from a new manufacturer showing off their liquid core d20 design. Given we're total suckers for cool dice and new manufacturing techniques obviously we had to get one. So as soon as they posted one for sale we rushed in and bought it. Given the amount of attention the Reddit thread and our Twitter post got we thought a review would be in order.

Shipping - Blizzard dice is a brand new manufacturer (pretty sure we literally bought their first order ever) so we weren't expecting much on shipping but I was pleasantly surprised. Packaging was perfectly adequate in a small ring box and they shipped via USPS which is a pro move. Obviously the address labels are still hand printed and they didn't include any freebies but their first shipment looked better then our first shipment so full marks there.

Price - Ok the price we paid ~$55 for a single die is crazy. Nobody in their right mind is paying that much for a single die but lucky for blizzard there are a lot of people who pride themselves on irrational dice spending. The challenge is these are one off handmade dice so comparing them to the price you might pay for something factory produced is not reasonable and it should also be noted that we had to pay for international shipping as well.

Selection - When we made the purchase they had only two d20s available and as of today they have added a couple more to the store in different colors but given these are a hand made item you'll have to take what is available if you want one. They aren't taking pre-orders (pro move) so you'll need to watch their store and move fast when one is posted.

Durability - I have concerns but I'm cautiously optimistic looking at the die that it might just hold up although I'd never toss it in the bottom of my dice bag in the trunk of my car. We will be giving this one away in our dice subscription so we will try and get a follow up report from whomever is lucky enough to win it.

Randomness - A quick test indicates it is pretty good although the liquid core has the effect of stopping the die from rolling much faster then you might be used to. I suspect it doesn't bounce as much and the roll is slowed by the liquid sloshing around so it is probably more susceptible to imperfections then a traditional die. The weight is fairly light so it won't damage your table or anything like that.

Final Thoughts - A really cool design and likely interesting enough to launch a small company off of. Sadly until the price comes way down they won't be making their way into my everyday dice collection.

Giveaway - Yes we are giving away the sample - What we are going to do is roll the d20 every morning and on the day we get a 20 we will pack the liquid core d20 in with dice subscription orders that went through in the previous day. Stay tuned to our Twitter for Instagram or updates.

If you want our version of liquid core dice check out our handmade dice we struggle to keep them in stock but they do appear on occasion.

Subscription - If you're interested in cool dice (but not liquid core) our dice subscription offers awesome dice some of which are exclusive to us and can't be found anywhere else. 

Followup - You might want to read our comment on the GOAT Dice kickstarter for a similar product.




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