Just a post to let our US customers know that we are experimenting with a new shipping provider over the next month. Currently we use Canada Post which aside from the strike last year has been very solid. There are two problems with Canada post however; first it is fairly expensive and second it lacks tracking which some people really really want. To get around that we are going to experiment with using a service called ChitChats based on the recommendation of a couple of fellow store owners. 

ChitChats offers a fairly significant discount over Canada Post and it has tracking. The discount will allow us to make the subscriptions even better and tracking will let you know exactly where your packages are at any time. ChitChats essentially works by collecting hundreds of packages from Canadian eCommerce sites and driving them across the border and shipping via USPS. It's a really simple business model but it addresses a very real need and we are excited to try them out.

I should be clear this is only an experiment and if it doesn't work we will go back to the previous method. If you have any feedback please submit a comment or drop us an email at GM@LibrisArcana.com




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